Basic Kitchen Upgrade, $12,000 and up    
If the layout of your kitchen is essentially okay, you may only want to replace your cabinets, countertops, sink and flooring.  Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceiling and maybe add new average appliances.  Basically everything would stay close to or in the same location.  This would include semi-custom cabinets (depending on the amount of cabinets) and custom plastic laminate tops.  Based on a 12' x 14' kitchen.


Minor Kitchen Remodel, $18,000 and up 
Your kitchen may be in need of a more extensive renovation involving relocating some of the appliances and sink.  Included in this would be a new layout design, updated electrical and lighting on existing circuitry, semi-custom to fully custom cabinets (depending on the amount of cabinets), existing wall and ceiling plaster or drywall would remain, custom plastic laminate tops, new flooring and paint, maybe new average appliances.  Based on a 12' x 14' kitchen.


Major Kitchen Remodel, $45,000 and up    
Your kitchen may be in need of a more extensive renovation involving a complete "gutting" where we would remove everything including the wall and ceiling finishes exposing the framing.  In addition to a new design, also included would be all new electrical, lighting and plumbing within the kitchen, new wall and ceiling finishes, tile or hardwood flooring, custom cabinets and solid surface or stone tops, one or two new windows.  High end appliances will most likely add to the cost.  Based on a 200 SF kitchen.


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